Get ready for the sales period: Organize your wardrobe

Sales and discounts have arrived to our favourite stores, finally we can treat ourselves without emptying our pockets or feeling regret. There is always this one piece we have fallen in love with or that garment that has a bit more quality, we've been waiting all this time to be able to afford it.

From now on I'll be publishing a series of posts about sustainable fashion consumption, this awareness can help us find out our own style as well as saves us some money towards this sales period.

As a fashion lover and bargain hunter you'll find you've been accumulating clothes and accessories which you haven't been using. At the same time, an unorganized wardrobe can create problems when choosing outfits. In some cases, the situation can become rather stressful.

Next I'll explain the steps you need to follow to achieve your dream wardrobe:


1. Take it all out

Everything? Yes, everything out please. If you're anything like me, you start by organizing your wardrobe and put garments on piles, in the end you always end up wearing the same stuff. When you take everything out you've the chance to see everything that was in your wardrobe, including that one blouse that's been missing for 2 months. 

Take it all out, lay it around your room so you can see it. At this stage your room will be a total mess, this is a good reason to tidy it all soon and quick.

2. What do you miss?

Start putting things back into your wardrobe, including garments and accessories you miss. Including: your basics that match with everything, work clothes and that dress that look amazing on you and never fails. Pieces you know you use and love.

You'll realize there is a lot of clothes that you don't miss and are left out of the wardrobe, these could be some of the reasons why:

  • You've changed your look or lifestyle.
  • You didn't organize your wardrobe at the end of last season and your winter clothes has been in your summer wardrobe for three months now.
  • Your mum uses your wardrobe like a dumpster (thank you mum).
  • Etc, etc...

    3. Tidy your wardrobe

    The last two steps have helped you realize the treasures you'd hidden. However, this step is crucial to help you create your outfits.

    There are different ways of tidying your wardrobe but I'd recommend the following:

    • Occassion - organize your clothes depending on what they're for: work, sports, leisure time, special ocassions. This way depending on the occassion you'll be able to focus on an area of your wardrobe, without getting distracted by all the other garments. I'd always recommend to have some pieces that you can use for both work and leisure time, this way you can go directly from the office to happy hour.
    • Capsule - organize your wardrobe by separating your clothes into capsule collections, garments that can be mixed and matched perfectly. A capsule collection can consist of 3 trousers or skirts, 5 shirts or tops, and a couple of jackets. This is a very visual way of tidying your clothes. Besides, you'll save time as you've already thought of how these garments fit together and you'll always know what to wear.

    You can try each option or a mix of both and check what works best for you.

    4. Tidy away the leftouts

    Dispose and recycle those garments that you won't be using. This step will be better explained in our next post. For now, divide your clothes in the following groups: 

    • Winter clothes or clothes for especial occasions.
    • Clothes that is good for use but you won't be keeping.
    • Used and damaged clothes for recycling. 

    5. The end

    Finally! Now you know what you've in your wardrobe and what you need, everything is obvious and clear, so make a list of what you need and shop without regret. 

    You should organize your wardrobe every end of season, this way you'll gain more space. At the same time, it's important because our taste changes and develops with time. I promise each time you do it will be easier than the last.

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